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Winter , no breeding allowed
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 Pack History

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PostSubject: Pack History    Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:02 pm

Hidden within the Machu Picchu ruins in Peru lies the Blue Haven Falls Pack. The Blue Haven Falls pack was said to have disappeared years ago, when truthfully they had found a way to conceal themselves from the humans making their life more peaceful and quiet. Because of the magic concealing them from the humans these wolves tend to age and grow very slowly, they can grow to be 300 years old. Over the past 20 years wolves had been ageing out and passing on leaving one female wolfess to lead the pack into a new age. Now on her own this Alphess must re start the pack bringing it pack to it's former glory and triumph.

The Machu Picchu ruins are full a surprises, the land is surrounded with lots of lush and dry fields and rocky area.s Living within the ruins the pack must be very careful to preserve and keep the ruins in tact, all through the ruins are caves were water gets caught from the rain creating a water source for the pack. Along with the ruins perks there is a hidden temple that only shows it's power to the ones with the mark or the Blue Lava Stone, the mark is a power passed down from Alpha to Alpha. When given the mark it leaves an imprint along the center of the forehead on the wolf. The Blue Lava stone is a lava stone with the mark imprinted into it, it is a necklace that the Alpha gives to the Betas so they can also enter the temple.No one is aloud to enter the temple unless the Alpha has given them permission to do so, if someone enters the temple without the bearing the mark or stone it could unleash a terrible curse upon the land. Because of rules set down by the Alphas over time no one it aloud to enter this temple unless they have brought there by the Alpha themselves. To keep this rule in stand the Alpha often assigns Warriors to guard the temple to keep anyone from entering without her permission. Living in the ruins the pack are also open to quite a bit a earthquakes every once and awhile, they are not big enough to cause any serious trouble but enough that you can feel the ground moving below you.
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Pack History
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